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The Ellipse Light is a second generation Intense Pulsed Light system used for Permanent Hair Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation & Acne, and Facial Thread Veins. Ellipse Light is manufactured by a company called Ellipse A/S in Denmark. The background of Ellipse is that they are the company responsible for the manufacture and development of the Gamma camera used for cancer diagnostic treatment.

The first system developed was the Ellipse Flex system used for hair removal, vascular lesion removal, photo rejuvenation and pigmented lesion removal. 2001 saw the launch of the Ellipse Light system which was developed for the beauty industry utilising the same advanced patented technology. Incontrovertible scientific evidence has stood behind every Ellipse solution since the first Ellipse system made its debut in 1997. And today, Ellipse has an international reputation for advanced laser and Intense Pulsed Light (I²PL) technology, impeccable quality. With thousands of users and and scores of clinical articles documenting the safety and effectiveness of Ellipse products, Ellipse is indeed CLINICALLY PROVEN SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.

Utilizing both state-of-the-art laser and SWT® Square Pulse and Dual Mode Filtering technologies, Ellipse MultiFlex+ offers a range of modalities tailored to current and future requirements for specific treatments. Built-in clinical intelligence allows safe delegation. Based on the operator’s evaluation of patient parameters, the system chooses appropriate default treatment settings while in “Normal” operating mode. Numerous peer-reviewed clinical studies have proven that Ellipse MultiFlex+ has one of the market’s highest hair clearance rates. It has a photo rejuvenation option for diffuse redness and pigmentation requiring only two treatments, as opposed to more than five for most alternative systems. It can achieve incomparable acne results, and it offers a superior solution for all vascular lesions.